Ask Boris Brejcha

  • What do you listen to (non electronic related)?

    Gabri_ves • 24th Sep 2019

    I listen to every style of music. I doesn't matter which kind. Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and all the other genres.

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  • When did your interest for music began?

    Gabri_ves • 24th Sep 2019

    Long time ago. I was 16 years, when a friend of mine brought a "Thunderdome" CD to school. This was the first time for me, listening to electronic music. This was the point when I was getting interested into electronic music.

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  • Which is your favourite food?

    Gabri_ves • 24th Sep 2019

    I love Pasta and Sushi! :-)

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  • Which is your favourite country?

    Gabri_ves • 24th Sep 2019

    If it would not too far away, I would love to live in Australia.

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  • Who do you think has the best style of music (after yours ofcourse). At what point in your career did you decide to 100% go for it and just let go with the idea of doing something "normal"?

    Dekaayy • 24th Sep 2019

    That's a hard question. I mean it is all a mater of taste. My heart still beats for film scores like "Hans Zimmer". Really love this kind of music. I would be happy to try this kind of music one day in the future.
    But since I discovered in the early age electronic music, my heart will stay there forever. I just love it.

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  • What inspired your mask? And what are you listening to right now outside of Fcking Serious. Thanks for everything, you’ll always be a favourite of mine >:)

    Tenjuan • 24th Sep 2019

    The mask was coming by random choice. My very first DJ GIG in my life was in Brazil and so I was thinking about the carnival. And of course I loved to do something different, because there are so many DJ's on this planet. Thats why I was choosing in the end the Joker mask. Love it.
    Actual I am listening to normal radio music while writing :-)

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  • Do you know there is a semi-big streamer (B0aty, or Adam Lyne) that constantly supports your music during his streams? He is exposing your music to thousands on the internet and it's how I've discovered your music myself. Keep doing what you do and I'm looking forward to the release of your upcoming album!

    Xmikehaa • 24th Sep 2019

    I have to say, that I did not know that. I will check it out for sure. Thanks

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  • How u got the scar in your face?

    0HVYNT0 • 24th Sep 2019

    Me and my family had an accident in the past. When I was 6 years young we went to a flight show. After a while the planes crashed and came down to all the people which were watching. I still remember, after the crash, that I was just running and running.
    I was like 6 months in the hospital, but in the end everything went out in a good way.

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  • Where does your process for making a track start? Do you have plugins, synths and techniques that you go to straight away or is it more random based of an idea of what you want to make (if you go in with an idea)? Also how do you know when a track is finished?

    Aitillion • 24th Sep 2019

    Actual the process is really simple. Most of the times there is not really an idea. It is more like jamming around.... and after a while the idea is building up from alone. For example, my Track "Gravity". On that day, it was a really stupid day. It was dark outside, raining, and I didn't knew what to do. So I decided to go in my studio and just play a little bit the piano. After a few minutes the main melody for Gravity was set, and the rest of the track was like an easy workflow. The best things are coming randomly.

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  • Overall what were your thoughts on your first US tour? Did you enjoy being in the States? What was your favorite place that you got to visit?

    Dastardos • 24th Sep 2019

    Good question. I never have big thoughts in the beginning and at the day, when we started the Tour I was getting sick. Thats why I did not do any Stories on INSTA. Most of the time I was sleeping and lying in the bed. But beside that I really enjoyed the cities Miami and Los Angeles. They were really nice. I will come back next year for sure and I hope we gonna spend more time to visit different places.

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  • What would you recommend to a novice that’s trying to begin DJing?

    Dastardos • 24th Sep 2019

    I would say, you really need a lot of time to build up a proper career. Producing your own music would be really nice and maybe to learn how to play Keyboard. Thats the key for really nice melodies the people remember.

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  • What would you be doing with your life if you didn’t become a DJ?

    TheJurZ • 24th Sep 2019

    haha.... I don't know. Before my career I was working in a telephone company. It was a really simple job, but I liked it. The money was good. And I had a lot of free time. More than now actual :-)

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  • Who are your favorite producers / dj’s?

    TheJurZ • 24th Sep 2019

    My favorite producer is still Stephan Bodzin. I just love his style of music and him as a person. But actual I am not listening to much to other artists ord DJ's. I saw Solomun a few times playing and I like his way of performing. He is a real Gentleman.

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  • Can I come over to your place to take some private producing lessons?

    TheJurZ • 24th Sep 2019

    Producing lessons.... actual there is no time for things like this. But maybe I will give lessons in the future.

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  • Hi Boris - Thanks for making great music. I've recently seen that you did a US tour, but Denver is not on that list. Any plans to come to Denver? I listen mostly on YouTube, which I can't stand, and can't listen to offline, without paying for their subscription. How can I buy your full music mixes directly from you, so that no one else gets royalties?

    BaxterAglaminkus • 24th Sep 2019

    The problem was, that we only had 2 weekends for the US Tour. Next year, for sure, we gonna have a bit more and maybe there will be a trip to Denver too. Fingers crossed.
    About the royalties... well thats not possible. Contracts contracts and contracts :-)

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  • Festival or club?

    TacoFuck56 • 24th Sep 2019


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  • Hi Boris! Greetings from Los Angeles, CA. Any plans on releasing a full length album? :) Additionally, would you ever want to play at EDCLV? Maybe EDCLV 2020?

    Kaskadefan01 • 24th Sep 2019

    Yes. My new album is coming in January finally. Really happy for that!
    EDCLV would be so good! :-) Let's see if this gonna be happen in 2020.

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  • Love your tracks man! I'd love to hear you play White Snake a bit more in your sets. If you were to mix one track from another person into one of your own sets, what would you pick?

    Fenix_funk • 24th Sep 2019

    Yeah. "White Snake" Classic one! :-) Thats not easy, because when you hear your tracks 1 million times, it is hard to play them again and again :-)
    I would pick Confronted from Pan-Pot. Love this one so much.

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  • Hey Boris! I've been listening to your music non-stop since I found it a few months ago, you are definitely one of the best in what you're doing, keep up the good work. Since you've been in Romania before, I want to ask how did you feel the atmosphere? Was it a good crowd or a bad one? Also, besides the people from Fckng Serious, who are some of the better DJs out there in your opinion?

    M4730_ • 24th Sep 2019

    The crowd in Romania was really cool! I really loved to play there. Back in the days.... maybe 7/8 years ago I already played two times in Romania. And it was already a super nice atmosphere.
    The problem is, that I am not looking out for DJ's. I am more looking out for who is a good producer. And I really like Stephan Bodzin, the producer from Fisher (do not remember his name actual), Worakls and more.

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  • Boris! Been a fan for a few years now. Saw you in Nürnberg at die Rakete and been an avid listener ever since. Do you have any plans/would be willing to play any festivals in the states? I would be pumped to see you at something like CRSSD or Dirtybird Campout.

    DaColaBear • 24th Sep 2019

    Well. 2019 was our first year to open the door for the US. I am sure that for the future, we gonna have big plans to come more often.

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  • Hello from Cali! You’ve got a big fan base in the states as you must know now. 1.) Plans to tour here more I hope? 2.) Do you have a day job like so many other producer/djs?

    GuyFromNh • 24th Sep 2019

    Hello back.

    Yes. I will definitely come back in 2020.

    No. I have no other job than being a musician and DJ. My working week is like this:
    Monday ist my Sunday. Because on Sundays I always traveling back from my weekend Gigs.
    And also I do a lot of paper work on mondays.
    Tuesday till Thursday I am mostly in my Studio and produce some new tracks. All the day. Like from 7 till 7.
    And Friday ..... the weekend starts.

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  • Guten Tag Boris! Greetings from Kentucky. I was lucky enough to see you play twice over the Summer in Germany, at Panama and WCD. My question is how do you decide which tracks to play at your concerts? For example at Panama you played FEAR which was a pleasant surprise. I love your music, thank you!

    Bigwyatt12 • 24th Sep 2019

    Normally it is like this. I have 3 months vacation from January till April. In that time I produce a lot of new tracks. Maybe 10 or 11. This is like almost 1 hour of new music. Then I build up my Set for the year. Combining the new tracks and older ones. And thats like my Set for the year. But I also get a lot messages from people who wants to hear some specific ones and then I gonna put them into my mix.

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  • Who are your favorite producers to collaborate with or do a b2b live set with?

    Djaynes55 • 24th Sep 2019

    B2B I would choose Solomun. I love his way of performing.
    And for a collaboration I would go for Stephan Bodzin. He is a freak! like me :)

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