This website was built as a show of appreciation.
As a community I feel we should give something back (and I know it will never be enough).
He changed my life, your life, our life. His music makes us feel good even when everything is not. Don't you agree?
In moments like these we gotta appreciate what he was done to us. The experiences, the feelings, the shows, the albums, the releases, EVERYTHING!
That's just one Man, one Man. One affecting millions, and we cannot thank him enough for all the emotions he makes us feel.
I wanna take this opportunity to speak behalf all Boris Brejcha fans because I believe many of us feel the same way:

Thank you,
Thank you for all the stories,
Thank you for all the emotions,
Thank you for all the adventures,
Thank you for all the goose bumps,
Thank you so much for all your music,
You are truly unique.

- Danke Boris Brejcha

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