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  • Space Diver
  • Gravity
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  • Happinezz
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  • To The Moon And Back
  • Lieblingsmensch
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  • Purple Noise
  • Grand Palais • 21.7M Views
  • Tomorrowland • 44.8M Views
  • Essential Mix • 458.5K Views
  • Château de Fontainebleau • 30.3M Views
  • Bevip Mix • 7.2M Views
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Who is Boris Brejcha?

Boris Brejcha is an authentic, natural and genuine artist, currently on his way to being one of the best Music DJ influencers in the world (already is), specializing in creating his own style of music, dropping purple noise (music frequencies) that spread divine visions.
Boris Brejcha is a true inspiration, a figure of Strength, he showed us that in life sometimes things get complicated, and you might have disasters in your path, but if you're strong enough you will find a way to overcome anything and find your true happinezz.
Boris Brejcha has also created his own label, FCKNG SERIOUS where he felt he could be free, young and stupid to bring all his authenticity to his tracks without any restrictions. With ambition to be unique, Boris makes us feel like the sky is the limit, differencing himself from the current mainstream industry.

How can I describe his music?
While on the darknest night you will lose your biggest fear and feel the awakenings of your true inner being, the melodies will unbelieveable originate a feel of freedoom, like standing on zero gravity, giving you an illusion of being able to swim to the moon and back.
Trust me, its not a fckng trap, just go experience it yourself.

- Danke Boris Brejcha